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Presidents, scissors, and weenie roasts

Judgmentalism feels like someone (maybe me?) took a big needle and thread and knitted my body too tightly together. Which might be good if it were creating space for oxygen and movement in my gravity-prone body or removing the fat … Continue reading

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Mandela and me

I didn’t expect Nelson Mandela’s death to be so emotional for me. We never met face to face. He was sentenced to life in prison when I was two. This means that for my entire childhood, he was in jail. … Continue reading

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Peace and Democracy?

Lately I have been thinking about the US election process and the ways in which political campaigns, as they currently operate, make it pretty challenging to develop a civil, peace-full country. It isn’t that respectful conversation isn’t possible, but with … Continue reading

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Is any human evil?

Let’s quit using the word evil as a reference to Republicans, Democrats, corporate executives, organizations, homosexuals, law makers, and whatever or whomever else we don’t understand – or agree with. Here’s why. People aren’t evil. I know we like to … Continue reading

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Sex, Prop 8 and Washington Marriage Equality: unsolicited advice

Now that I have your attention… Seriously. Are we just a wee bit too preoccupied with “the wild thing” and politics? Last week Washington State passed the Marriage Equality Bill. This week, Prop 8 was overturned in California. There has … Continue reading

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On the death penalty and Troy

Yesterday Troy Davis was denied clemency for shooting a police officer in Savannah, Georgia in 1989. He has already been saved 3 times by Supreme Court intervention, once 90 minutes before his scheduled execution. He maintains his innocence. The case … Continue reading

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Fear, Family and Osama: making a little peace with your recurring theme

The need to please. Anxiety. Inertia. The tendency to procrastinate. Fear. All of us have at least one central and unwelcome issue that has a tendency to recur most of our adult lives. What we deeply desire is for said … Continue reading

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