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Since Saturday

blurt it out the fear you have been holding like a sword across your chest which has been shimmering and shaking in your hands since last saturday “I fear I will be broken” you text but the truth has already … Continue reading

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What do you deserve?

“Cream rises to the top!” the well-dressed white woman exclaimed as she wolfed down her brisket. I put down my spoon of beans. “What do you mean by that?” I queried. “My mom taught me that and it’s true. If … Continue reading

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Make me a fool

make me be a clown a beggar a fool a drunk who swings at the air   i will applaud the laughing the mockery the scorn if it will reveal the real face of Jesus   who had a thing for wine … Continue reading

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Like a princess

I wish I could say something profound after my two weeks in South Africa and Madagascar. Maybe it was the density of our time there – or the mixture of poverty and joy that I am once again finding to … Continue reading

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The American Dream: the cheese ball in my belly

Forgive me if I tire of “The American Dream”. I know today is not a good day to articulate this, inauguration day.  Feel free to click your imaginary “unlike” button in your head or move on if you need to… … Continue reading

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“The Poor President of Uruguay”

“Poor people are those who always want more and more, those who never have enough of anything .” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-20243493  

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Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!

 “If the only prayer you ever say is thank you, that is enough.” Meister Eckhart Some time in the last 10 years, a shift occurred inside me. I don’t recall what facilitated it, but along the horizon of the years … Continue reading

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