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Is there something in the water?

Just when I think I am making stuff up in my head about there being “thin” places, I fall into one again. Frankly, much of this talk about personal energy fields can seem kinda eye-rolling. Except when it happens to … Continue reading

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You don’t pray

Today it appeared like an icicle sword piercing into the snow   you don’t pray   for peace or your mama  nor your children or grandchildren nor anyone else you love   you don’t say “thanks” for your breath or … Continue reading

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i stepped into art this morning smack into a cherry blossom rain and I was brushed 30 or 40 times with globs of rose clouds   as if God has been waiting for me to wake up and join the … Continue reading

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The Boat

You say “love, love, love  is something chosen” I say “love, love, love is all I know” You say, “Tomorrow we’ll grow mangos and swim in the sea” I say “Today I’m a dancer, a poet, a prayer.  … it’s the … Continue reading

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Blessed with Foolishness

I am writing peace resources today that will go out to thousands of people across the U.S. (Occasionally I get paid to do what I love – how lucky am I?) My colleague came across this prayer attributed to St. … Continue reading

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Cocktails at the White House and a prayer at your death

Written the morning after Osama Bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces. Dear Mr. Bin Laden, Just so you know. I won’t be having cocktails at the White House or marching in the streets to celebrate your passing. When I … Continue reading

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