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I hate hurting people. I hate name calling. I hate labels. You know this is true about me. But sometimes a label needs to be used. Say it with me: Donald Trump is as a racist and a sexist! And in my … Continue reading

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Wild Geese

Saturday morning I was reading on my front porch, coffee in hand as usual, enjoying the gorgeous morning when 3 geese flew down Pope street honking loudly. They circled around as if they had seen me, and then flew in … Continue reading

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Ham and hallelujahs

My mom knew how to make holidays special. Though she tired of being the holiday magician, it was a way to hold her family together and pass on the traditions she had internalized. These traditions, even the ones that didn’t … Continue reading

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the night before

my eyes are red from crying with you for you I am you   sitting on my white couch burritoed in a grey-cloud blanket with hot tea although it is 80 degrees   we are shivering   because we know … Continue reading

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Blessed with Foolishness

I am writing peace resources today that will go out to thousands of people across the U.S. (Occasionally I get paid to do what I love – how lucky am I?) My colleague came across this prayer attributed to St. … Continue reading

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It’s a simple question:

Why are all the Seattle Methodist clergy getting beaten up in the Seattle Occupy movement? Some of you have been following the Seattle occupiers. First there was the Rev. Rich Lang, a United Methodist Pastor who was pepper-sprayed in an … Continue reading

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Widen your heart — on changing a church’s mind

Four protestors were pacing outside in the hot San Jose, CA sun carrying large, colorful signs that read “God hates fags” and “Fags die – God laughs.” Protesting those protesters was a group of 10-12 people who were doling out … Continue reading

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