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I watch the moon set behind the rainforest, it is a 6am commute into the city, October Humming and warm, I drive on concrete past cedars skimming a mile of water, with just the hum of the wheels and car … Continue reading

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Unadorned moments

Tell me something that matters to you … about your dog, and how he is particularly talented at balancing a sandwich on his head … and your baby who sleeps with her bum in the air and how you almost … Continue reading

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The bird cage

Our psyches and bodies carry the wounds from our pain. More than memory alone it is buried in our our bones and tissue. This embodiment forms a type of cage that we imagine restricts where and for how long we … Continue reading

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The most important thing

I held an angel in my arms tonight   He asked to sit on my lap and looked up at me with  mischievous brown eyes   “Did I get as far as your daughter?” he asked as he showed me … Continue reading

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A quick visit

My mom came to me yesterday. I told her it was ok if she stayed for a bit this time. She did not. In a few moments, her scent, her presence slipped away as suddenly as it had come. I … Continue reading

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Like a princess

I wish I could say something profound after my two weeks in South Africa and Madagascar. Maybe it was the density of our time there – or the mixture of poverty and joy that I am once again finding to … Continue reading

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“If we keep ourselves busy enough, we can ignore what’s in our hearts. If it’s dissatisfaction, bitterness, rage, fear, or a pervasive emptiness, it may seem like a good enough trade. But it isn’t. We’ll just grow these diseases, like … Continue reading

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