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Jesus and Hallmark

When I was partnered, we called Valentine’s Day, “VD”. So, I never have been a fan of Hallmark holidays and the pressure it puts on lovers.   Nonetheless, I was a victim of the desire for something surprising and sweet. … Continue reading

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Aging and snus

It astounds me sometimes that I come from snus-chewing, John Deere loving, gun-toting rednecks. Not that I don’t exhibit a bit that charm still, lucky you. We all grew up with strange and inappropriate colloquialisms that we do not realize … Continue reading

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Welcome to the island of misfit toys

Life is juxtaposition. Anxiety and fear are interrupted by beauty. We may experience deep love and also painful disappointment and even hatred toward someone. While a child is being born, someone else is passing away. 2016 has been particularly intense … Continue reading

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Delusions of goodness

The thing about marriage is that eventually, your beloved sees what a jerk you are. And they tell you about it. (Insert Snoopy disappointment noise.) Research indicates that we consider ourselves far more kind and benevolent than we are. I … Continue reading

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I walk into you time and again the hall your smile the blue stained carpet   I know there are a million angels tugging on your shirt and so many other things to do   So you don’t need to … Continue reading

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let’s quit pretending

let’s quit pretending that  the broken dishes are piecing themselves together  into an unusual mosaic platter the neighbors can  oogle    let’s quit pretending   that the dust  on the sill has only been accumulating for a week and that it … Continue reading

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Perfectly Imperfect

If I tell you that love made the world and that you are made for love, and that you are perfectly imperfect right now will you believe me?   joy-full and generous alive in your body creative gorgeous tender wild … Continue reading

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