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Whole body learning

There are many ways to “know” the world. When I was a child, my knowing was mostly framed through the boundaries my parents provided, the haunting silence of the hills of the Palouse, the warmth of the friends I held … Continue reading

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How many Birds

how many birds can sing each morning outside my window? such an alarm pulls me from my sleep smiling

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All will be well

A little reassurance about the winter: A song lyric  I’ve been watching the leaves die in the woods by the house, fading to yellow, crimson and brown And I don’t feel ready for the summer to end, but the seasons … Continue reading

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Fire in your belly or a “Living Winter”

As the days wane here in the north, I am considering how to “make it through” the dark days that are coming. Fall is often an intense lyric-writing season for me. Words seems to pour out of me either when … Continue reading

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Vampire fatigue

Last night I enjoyed playing an opening set for a presentation by Mark McDermott, a Seattle activist who has worked for years on behalf of laborers. He related a compelling family narrative about the rise of unions in the US … Continue reading

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How can I keep from singing?

I do so love to sing. Tonight I performed with two amazing musicians whom I LOVE and I thought I would just add a couple of photos so you can see me doing what I love to do most. That’s … Continue reading

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Of Friendships and Songwriter’s Block

Last year I joined an online community who, for the month of February, attempted to write and share 14 songs in 28 days. Hundreds of us. Wow, it was nuts. I was so stimulated and happy! And because I had … Continue reading

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