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The singing night

the air is singing the stories of summer oh – hear it!   only interrupt the path of our arresting conversation and attend even a moment to   the smell of the night the familiar way the lobster sticks to … Continue reading

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Kentucky Sunday

a wild bouquet of 3-year-olds fling themselves into water jets and sit down before dissolving into a crowd of guardians and water play   oh the racket! of 5-year-old boys who are deliriously happy being doused by buckets of water … Continue reading

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Mint Julep

It is just enough to break open a midwest summer just add gossiping insects sultry walks embarrassingly disobedient hair and “The Ohio”   I sink into a cool night with a slight breeze of cricket-song ~~~   I swish white … Continue reading

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… The day I walked out of the Star Spangled Banner

Several years ago I was sitting in a church in Middletown, OH on the 4th of July. It was Sunday and the cicadas were at the end of their 17-year cycle. In this particular year, 1 in 100, they said, … Continue reading

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My First Meditation

I am sitting on a dock. The water is lapping on the wood, pushing the platform against the posts that hold it stable in a “schlop-galumping” fashion. Rocking, rocking til the waves subside. I can smell the water, not like … Continue reading

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