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The voyage west

Six days ago I loaded a residual of earthly possessions (an espresso machine, musical instruments, hair products, and some clothes) into my CRV and began driving north, then west. Destination: Seattle. After four years in Louisville, KY, I cried crossing … Continue reading

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I’m just fixing me

I’m in Seattle after being away a month. I am carrying on a bit of a transient lifestyle these days. Louisville about 40% of the time; Seattle about 5-7 days per month; and various other places around the US filling … Continue reading

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Like a princess

I wish I could say something profound after my two weeks in South Africa and Madagascar. Maybe it was the density of our time there – or the mixture of poverty and joy that I am once again finding to … Continue reading

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Above and beyond

I was lugging my full-size suitcase and Taylor guitar hard case on the Philadelphia train heading to the airport. I had been given instructions on transfers, but had different advice from various sources, so I a felt a little at … Continue reading

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Fire in your belly or a “Living Winter”

As the days wane here in the north, I am considering how to “make it through” the dark days that are coming. Fall is often an intense lyric-writing season for me. Words seems to pour out of me either when … Continue reading

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On being spoiled, the longest day of the year, and Michigan

I am completely spoiled. In a couple of weeks, we will throw our swimsuits and a few extra clothes in a suitcase and fly off to northern Michigan for a family reunion. Frankfort is a small beach town that sits … Continue reading

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The blessed baguette – finding Paris in Seattle

Since our February trip to Paris, I have been in hot pursuit of the perfect baguette. I had not expected to fall in love with the baguette, but alas, when one is in “Grand Paree…,” these thing happen. As rice … Continue reading

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