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weeding and weeping

step into the garden   silence   cedar trees and alders sentinels the greyed bench tipping back now needs to be righted   my ½-weeded garden sweet woodruff and oregano larkspur and foxglove and horse tails that grow   while … Continue reading

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No Regrets

We are 85   you and me resting in chairs warmth  fills up the spaces between us   “what do you wish you’d done more in this life?”   there is a rest a centering a wondering   only simple … Continue reading

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I am a tender-hearted woman. I empathize easily; I am touched by pain, joy, the color of a cherry blossom or the clarity of a night’s sky, the feel of lambs ear and the sound of water falling on leaves, … Continue reading

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Leave your heart ajar

Everything changes. Our relationships, our jobs, our beliefs, our experiences, our bodies, our opinions, our hopes, our tastes, our waist sizes, you name it. Everything changes. But there are strands weaving through our lives from early childhood that connect us … Continue reading

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Over the past year, I have been trying to believe that my life can grow bigger, more beautiful, more spacious and generous, more joyful, more closely aligned with my values and dreams. I know. Some of you are saying, “that’s … Continue reading

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Let your heart be Known

For a long time I haven’t felt like yoga is for me, though I would surely like it to be. It may fit me in so many ways:  slow movement, reflective meditations, heck even the stretching alone can be great! … Continue reading

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The world Before impossible

The word calling is a bit of an enigma to me. I think this is mostly because I have longed for years for a clearer sense of what my heart-work in the world is to be about. Someone once said that … Continue reading

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